Blockchain Developer Job Description

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Blockchain Development Resources
Blockchain application development is going mainstream, and therefore is requiring professionals with different roles and responsibilities including Blockchain developers, Blockchain architects to name just a few.

Key Skills Required for Blockchain Development
The following is a list of points which can be made part of a job description for a Blockchain developer/architect and related designations such as Blockchain platform architect, Blockchain solution architect, Blockchain lead architect etc.

– Demonstrate good understanding of Blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, consensus algorithms
– Good understanding of different types of Blockchain such as public, private/permissioned, public permissioned etc.
– Good understanding of Blockchain framework such as Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ethereum (Solidity)
– Good understanding of various different consensus algorithms used in Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, Byzantine fault tolerant algorithms including Hyperledger Fabric PBFT algorithm etc.
– Good understanding of using cryptography material such as certificates for identity management in order to authenticate members, transactions etc.
– Ability to architect and design integration architecture for integrating applications with Blockchain and, also, participant organizations and their memeber nodes to Blockchain network.
– Experience with database architecture and design to create storage solution for managing distributed ledger and related data/state in files/database system.
– Create security architecture for managing security of Blockchain and related applications
– Create best practices/guidelines for blockchain teams
– Create performance metrics for measuring Blockchain performance
– Create risk /failure analysis and prepare risk mitigation plan
– Provide training/mentoring to technical staff in relation to Blockchain tools and frameworks, Blockchain concepts etc.
– Proficient with one or more programming languages such as Go, Java, NodeJS
– Remain updated with emerging trends in Blockchain

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